Mr Bates Blog – June 2016

It is still, just, June so hear goes with my second ‘blog’!

On the ongoing theme of communication, we are looking soon to produce a regular newsletter /magazine showing the best of the school and what happens here, day to day.. Whilst of course there will be some adult supervision and direction, we really want the principal journalists be the pupils themselves, gathering, writing, editing and publishing stories from across the school and community. Watch this space!

School improvement

We are now in the throws of writing our new school improvement plan which will run from Sept though to July next year. So far, our priorities are:
• higher order reading skills
• ICT (with a focus on using IT to control simple systems and on writing computer code
• the maintenance and upkeep of the school building and grounds
• As ever, if you have any smart ideas you are always welcome, so drop me a line on with your thoughts.

End of the school year

… fast approaching!! It has been a hectic few weeks and final preparations are being made for both Year 2 and 6 performances. Class lists are being finalised and pupils will meet their new teacher next Wed, 6th July. We have also followed up on parent suggestions that ‘meet the teacher’ be moved to this side of the Summer holiday, so we will trial this to see whether it is well received (meetings mostly next week – see separate communication).

We will be welcoming a new member of staff onto the teaching team in September, Mr Scott Evans. Mr Evans will be taking a Year 5 class and, as such, we will hit 50% of our junior teaching staff being male! Whilst I may be slightly biased, I do genuinely think that it’s good that we are getting a better male/female balance in the team. A mix of talents can only be a good thing for our school!

Year 6 will, of course, be moving on soon and we will be sad to see them go! They have been a fantastic year group throughout the school and they have grown tremendously during the course of the year, both physically and emotionally. Most are heading to the other end of North Road in September, but we also have pupils going to King Henry and to Cwmbran High – we wish them all well!

On a personal note…..

Since my first blog, I have passed a significant milestone in terms of my age! Remarkably, the last cycle event that I did, which had well over 1000 participants, allocated me the race number of 50 – weird coincidence!

The ride itself was something of a marathon, covering 150 miles of territory from the beach at Seascale (Cumbria) to the pier at Whitby in North Yorkshire. It was a real physical challenge for me but I’m pleased I managed to complete it! Thankfully, after 11 hours in the saddle, I can tick this off my list and move on to something else! (there is talk of a 190 mile route from Caernarfon to Chepstow in a day, but I shall see!)

I will check in with you before the end of the year with more of the same and thanks for your ongoing support for our school.

All the best