The Governors

The roles and responsibilities of governors continue to evolve and grow each year. We are very fortunate at Croesyceiliog that we have a Governing Body with a large range of skills and experiences spanning many years and representing both former schools.

The Governing Body has responsibility for everything that the school undertakes and, with the involvement of staff, provides direction for the School. They meet regularly throughout the year and the head teacher presents his report to the Governors. This gives them the opportunity to discuss both the past activities and events within the School but also input to future activities. In addition to the meeting of the main Governing Body, specific tasks are undertaken during the academic year by the appointed sub-committees. These sub-committees submit proposals and reports to the main Governing Body for approval. The activity of these sub-committees is very much dictated by the changing needs of the School, but finance and school improvement are discussed at length during the year through these forums.

Outside the more formal Governing Body and sub-committee meetings, individual Governors often support the Head Teacher on areas highlighted in the main meetings.

Minutes of the meetings are available from the School.
Leanne Lloyd-Tolman, Bethan Moore, Bev Rowney and Dan Rees are currently the parent governors. Their role is to represent the views of the parent group at Governing Body meetings.

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Strategic Equality Plan March 2017

Croesyceiliog Primary Safeguarding Policy

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Strategic Equality Plan Dec 2018

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